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Arkansas - eReport -- (downloadable program)
eReport is a program built with .Net technology that can be downloaded to the user's computer. It allows users to access their current well (production and enhanced recovery) and entity (disposition) information from the commission's databases, manually input their reports off-line, and then submit their data via the internet. It includes data entry forms for Arkansas production, disposition, and enhanced recovery reports. Once downloaded, most companies find this program easy to use because of its spreadsheet-style format. This program can be used by following these steps:
NOTE -- .Net Framework: Before using this .Net program, you should confirm that the Microsoft .Net Framework version 2.0 is installed on your computer. The .Net Framework came integrated with later versions of Windows XP. You can check this in Windows by clicking on "Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs" and then checking the resulting program list for "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0". The .Net Framework is available from Microsoft at no charge at:

Arkansas eReport program allows operators to submit the following:
- Producers Monthly Report (Form 6)
- Monthly Gas Report (Form 7)
- Salt Water Disposal Report (Form 14)
Download and Setup...
Once you have received notification that your registration has been approved (see "Getting Started (Registration)" ), you will receive instructions and a link to download and install the program.










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