Fort Smith Geological Society

Next FSGS meeting


Tuesday, March 29, 2016.


2801 Old Greenwood Road
Fort Smith, AR


Jamie Woolsey –


Active Members

Cathy Baker, Tracy Burba, Bill Cains, Will, Cains, Rob Calloway, Angela Chandler, Bill Coffelt, Richard Cohoon (Honorary), Ralph Davis, Mitch Devries, Erica Doerr, Greg Dumond, Clen Fritsche, Lonnie Gilbreath, Jeff Gist, Peggy Guccione, Floyd Hamm, Jay Hansen, Ty Johnson, Ken Jackson, Robert Liner, Gerry Lundy, Walt Manger (Honorary), Steve Milligan, Chris Moyer, Jason Patton, Eugene Post, Dick Sampson, John Sharp, Terrel Sheilds, Tim Shields, Stan Stevens, Chris Trotter, Vic Vere (Honorary), Jamie Woolsey, Doy Zarchry (Honorary).

If you would like to become a member of the FSGS, please print and complete this membership form.


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